Get to know the beauty and brains behind Your PR Assistant

My passion is to help you to discover the power of PR for your business, in the most aligned, straightforward and achievable way possible.

My support is specially crafted for courageous, talented, and heart-centered business owners who are determined to fearlessly pursue their deepest mission, nurture a growth mindset, embrace their introversion, and seek collaboration and connection, allowing them to shine as a thought leader and amplify their impact. 

Is this you?

As a mum, wife and business owner myself, I know what it can be like to juggle ‘all the things’ so truly understand the value of quality support. I want you to feel like you’ve found your business bestie in me, to help you grow and expand your business in the most authentic way while staying true to your uniqueness. 

I can’t wait to connect and support your journey!

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What I do

Hello, I’m Karen, the beauty and brains behind Your PR Assistant.

Here at Your PR Assistant, I work with small business owners, coaches and professionals in Australia and overseas to secure publicity, engage with the media, book podcast interviews, leverage email marketing, organise online and in person events, optimise websites and much more.

PR is a powerful, untapped strategy for modern business owners to attract dream clients to your business because it increases your visibility, makes you more relatable and adds credibility to your knowledge and expertise.

It is a deeply personal way to connect and engage because when dream clients see you featured online, listen to you speaking on podcasts and see you on stage presenting, they begin to know, like and trust you.

So much so that you start to become the name they think of when that topic comes to mind again. This in turn leads to more followers, subscribers and eyes on your business, which ultimately means new clients, sold out events, successful launches and so much more success for your business!

At its core PR is about how we communicate and connect with communities, the one we have currently and the beautiful community we would like to attract. This is why it’s crucial to approach it in an authentic way so that you are attracting a community that is aligned with what you offer and deeply nurturing the one you already have.

“I’m here to help you share your wisdom, amplify your impact and expand your community in an authentic way, without any ”ick” factor.”

I’m a big advocate of aligning your PR strategy with your values, vision and vibe. If it’s out of alignment then it will feel hard and icky. When it’s done in alignment it feels natural and exciting. Doing PR in an authentic way means that you will attract your dream clients and by doing it without the “ick” you will feel like yourself and enjoy the process of sharing and connecting.

I believe everyone has a unique and captivating story to share (especially my fellow introverts) but I know that it can often be hard to tap into this on your own and it can be overwhelming to even know how to start.

As a specialist Virtual Assistant I help you to develop and implement a practical PR strategy tailored for your unique business. Together we will amplify your message so you can stand out as a leader, visionary and advocate in your industry and forge meaningful connections. I can also work with you to provide PR for your clients to complement the work you already do with them.

With a Bachelor of Communications from Edith Cowan University (2014), coaching qualification and nearly 17 years of experience in personal assistant, project support, human resources, administration, marketing and public relations roles, I’m an expert in organisation, planning and communications!

As seen in:

I was so nervous to originally hire someone to help me with PR, but I knew I wanted to get in front of more audiences. I couldn’t be more thrilled I trusted my intuition and messaged her.

Kristen, marketing consultant

My Values

My business values are not just words! They guide who I work with, how I run my business and the quality of work I produce.

Creating them was a deeply moving process that explored the depths of my heart and sent chills of inspiration down my spine.

Here are my 5 values:

Empowerment: My motivation lies in taking initiative, finding solutions to challenges, and empowering my clients to achieve their big, beautiful goals.
Simplicity: Guided by the value of simplicity, my focus is ensuring that my clients consistently feel valued, heard and supported throughout our journey together.
Mindfulness: I am dedicated to mindful action, which means continuously reflecting, evolving and refining my support so that my clients have the best possible experience and outcomes.
Connection: I nurture a profound respect for what makes each client unique, fostering a collaborative relationship so we can achieve great things together.
Heart-Centred: My mission is to support my clients fulfil their passions and purpose, placing them at the heart of everything I do.

These values shape the heartbeat of our collaboration. What this means for you is a genuine partnership focused on proactivity, ease and continual growth.

I’m all about cultivating a meaningful partnership where we work in alignment and harmony, supporting your visibility to expand, your uniqueness to be celebrated and your business to thrive in a way that feels authentic and meaningful for your unique journey.

I highly recommend Your PR Assistant’s invaluable services to anyone looking for a heart centred professional.

Sharon, Business Owner

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