How to get yourself booked as a podcast guest

by | Dec 28, 2023

Podcasting is a popular communication, engagement and marketing tool for business owners. They are a powerful way to share your knowledge, connect with a new audience and become visible in your area of expertise.

There is so much variety when it comes to podcasts so there is something for everyone, whether you want to share a personal or professional story (or both).

I help my clients to book MULTIPLE podcast interviews each month. If you goal in 2024 is to be a guest on podcasts, here is my process for how you can achieve this.

Step 1: Planning – Identify Your Expertise

Make a list of the things you are most passionate and knowledgeable about that you could share as part of a podcast interview. This will become your list of ‘key talking points’ and help you craft your key messages, relatable anecdotes or powerful client case studies.

Step 2: Research – Podcast Exploration

Research podcasts that align with your expertise, personality and niche. Enter key words that relate to your niche or area of expertise into a Google search or podcast platform like Spotify and Apple Podcasts to explore podcast shows of interest.

Step 3: Monitoring – Community Engagement

Follow your favourite hosts on podcast platforms and their social media to get more information about them, their podcast, types of guests they like and what their audience wants. You may like to leave a comment or an episode review. There are also lots of Facebook Groups which focus on podcast guesting opportunities that you can join and monitor for opportunities.

Step 4: Scripting – Craft a Compelling Pitch

Write a killer pitch about you and the key talking points you can share. You’ll want this pitch to highlight your uniqueness and the value you can provide their podcast listeners. If you’ve been a podcast guest before or spoken in any public way (eg. Instagram Lives) then include this or a link as relevant social proof showing that you would be a dream guest to interview.

Step 5: Connecting – Initiate Contact with Hosts

Next, get in touch with the podcast host to explore an interview. This could be via email or completion of an online application form. Make sure you use their name and the name of their podcast so the connection feels more personal instead of generic.

Step 6: Sharing – Develop a Promotion Strategy

Finally, once you have been featured as a podcast guest you need to help the podcast host with sharing the episode. For example, this could be a mention on your social media profile, a feature on your website and an email to your list. You should also add a link to this episode into future pitches you send to strengthens your pitch for future guest applications you make.

I understand that taking the first steps to get booked might feel a bit overwhelming. This is totally natural because appearing on a podcast is likely going to take you outside of your comfort one and some limiting beliefs might pop up. Don’t let this stop you – take the first step!

Hope this was helpful!

Much love

Karen x

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