How to use PR to supercharge your content

by | Feb 12, 2024

Are you pouring your heart and soul into your social media?

Perhaps your consistent (or consistently inconsistent) but find it draining to keep delivering high value content in this way.

I see so many passionate business owners sharing seriously valuable content on their socials, but not getting the engagement they deserve (and desire).

Well, here’s the secret you’ve been missing – PR STRATEGIES.

With PR strategies you can leverage your incredible content for maximum impact and connection.

Here’s your game plan:

Step 1

Find your top social media post (the one with lots of engagement)

Step 2

Send an email to your list diving even deeper into this topic

Step 3

Write it up as an article and submit it to an online platform like Mamamia or Women’s Agenda

Step 4

Get in touch with a journalist to pitch yourself and your story as a feature interview

Step 5

Collaborate with a fellow business owner to share your juicy content with a new audience on their platform

Step 6

Host a workshop or webinar to share your knowledge and be seen as the expert

Ultimately, it involves one piece of content shared over multiple platforms to connect deeply with different audiences. This is the only way to maximise the value and impact of your content.

Hope this was helpful!

Much love

Karen x

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